Snap, Krakow and Pop.

Guest Post by Leah:

Travel writing/Travel Journal: Poland

The flight had been long and stuffy, with a baby screaming at the top of its little lungs for the entire sixteen hours I had been flying and boarding connecting flights. I had not showered in about two days and it was beginning to become evident that neither had anyone else around me. There was a strong stench of tension that hung in the air as everyone had begun to grow frustrated and annoyed with each other in the confined space of the plane. I had sighed a breath of relief when the sign came on to fasten my seat belt and prepare for landing.

The cold crisp Polish air was like my first drink of water after being stranded in a desert. It quenched my thirst and made up for the excruciating trip there. It was Autumn and trees with beautiful white flowers lined the streets and and blanketed the ground creating a mirage of snow. I hailed a taxi and claimed in along with my suitcase and hand luggage. Anticipation began to grow inside of me and bubbled to the surface as I grew nearer to the centre of Krakow. I wanted to tell the taxi driver to stop there and then and let me out as I couldn’t wait any longer to start exploring the adventures Poland had in store for me.

As we drove through the more historical part of town the anticipation leaked out of my mouth as it lay wide open gaping at the beautiful old buildings. I sighed in amazement and the taxi driver let out an amused laugh. The buildings were smaller than all the others and were painted in couloirs that must have once been bright but had now faded to beautiful pastel shades. On the top of a green hill in the middle of the town lay a huge church with a golden roof. The sun shone though the clouds as if heaven was sending down its light rays to illuminate the church. The gardens contained trees that cast their angelic pink flowers to the ground making it look like they floated upon a large pink cloud. Excitement raced through my blood as I began to make a mental list of the places I would visit as soon as I checked in to my hotel, and this was at the very top.

Ms Roberts: What commentary can you provide? How is the language conveying the writer’s purpose (in this case, the Leah’s Purpose 😉 )

27 thoughts on “Snap, Krakow and Pop.

  1. Brittney says:

    Leah is very discriptive with her discription of the plane and Poland for example “the gardens conayined trees that cast their angelic pink flowers” and ” long,stuffy flight with a baby screamimg at the top of its lungs”. I find this all helps create a image of what she had expereinced and seen and gone through. She also makes Poland sound so beautiful and interesting that I want to go and see it for myslef almost. And it seems as though the writer is writing her travels down and everything she has experienced and seen to keep with her for the rest of her life and to remince over in the future.

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  2. Ruva C says:

    She used very discriptive words which help you to imagine yourself in that type of a sittuation. For example I imagine the taxi driver laughing at her for being so amazed at the new enviroment.

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    1. Francesca says:

      Leah in her writing attempts to convey the wonder and joy that she felt upon arriving in Poland. Her soft language and gentle descriptions of the place creates the image of beauty and angelic peace. This is enhanced by the comparison she makes between the moods and reactions of her fellow passengers in the plane and her initial reaction to Poland. The level at which she describes Poland shows her wonder and excitement to the place and the Taxi drivers reaction to it emphasizes the wonder that she is experiencing, something that the taxi driver as a local would not feel.

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      1. weareoxymorons says:

        Very promising, Francesca. A very good meditation on the contrast that Leah creates. Since it’s travel writing, would you find that this contrast is an inherent trait of the genre?


  3. ashleigh_hugo_22 says:

    the descriptions used by leah helped to create images of the trees. i found that leah used a few hyperbolies like ‘the gardens contained trees that cast their angelic pink flowers”. the laungage leah has used is very appropriate for her genre and you can clearly tell it is travel writing as it is in the third person.

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  4. Precious Munyaka says:

    Her description of everything was very good. It actually made me imagine myself being in the plane on my way to Poland and it gave me a little of a picture of how the buildings in Poland look like even if ive never been there

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  5. Ruva M says:

    I really enjoyed Leah’s descriptive words and the way she described and detailed her trip. It gave me feel about her trip as well and also allowed my imagination to take place, especially with the baby screaming her/his little lungs out.

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  6. Silly says:

    It is very Descriptive, all this creates an ellusion that showa us all she went through and what is going on. The writer is writing down all her travels and what she has gone through.

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  7. Daphine says:

    From the passage I noticed that Leah”s tone throughout the passage is informal. She also makes use of literary devices such as similes. An example is when she describes Poland weather saying “The cold crisp of Polish air was like my first drink of water after being stranded in the desert”, I also love the vocab that Leah used for example the use of the word “excruciating” to describe the level of fatigueness and pain that the trip had been. This makes a better emphasis and has a stronger effect than just using words like painful and tired. Without being told that the genre is travel you can easily tell what it is because she is very clear from the beginning of her essay and uses vocab like “flight” and “flying” and she is consistent with her genre throughout the essay. I think Leah’s purpose is to potray an image of someone who is tired,amazed and excited at the same time as well as giving a clear description of how she feels when she first arrives in Poland.

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    1. weareoxymorons says:

      Very good, Daphine! Your observations are very well articulated, especially how you deal with the vocabulary choices. What could you say of the effect of “cold crisp” in the section you pointed out?


  8. Samu says:

    In the piece of writing, the writer managed to enable the readers to picture what she was seeing with the use of imagery.The clear excitement of the character’s adventure is portrayed with the excellent use of descriptive diction. Basically, we wouldn’t be able to see what the the character saw had it not been for the use of good vocabulary.

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  9. shannon herbst says:

    The passage is very descriptive helping to create a vivid image of the surroundings as well as the writers irritation and later excitement. Figures of speech i.e. similes help in achieving this effect.

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    1. weareoxymorons says:

      Very good Shannon! Well noted about the transition of the tone! It’s quite important to note that the tone isn’t always static. It seems quite fitting for this genre as well, wouldn’t you agree?


  10. Jamie says:

    It Is a descriptive piece, it gives a clear image of the atmosphere and the surroundings. Similes help to achieve this such as “the sun shone through the clouds as if heaven was sending down its light rays to illuminate the church”.

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  11. Carolyne says:

    The word “historical” and “faded” compliments the writer’s purpose because travellers often opt to see the rather vintage type of objects. Also the writer brings out the emotions involved if travelling by successively telling the readers of the building up of anticipation. It started as “bubbled to the surface” then later was described as “leaked out of my mouth”. The comma after “hotel” in the last sentence makes the reader pause and creates a kind of anticipation as we wait for the writer to check into the hotel and perhaps tell us more about where she would visit.
    The writer also makes the reader aware of the whole package of travelling which includes the bad side. The writer tells us that the flight was “long and stuffy”. Evidence of this is later provided by the fact that no one had taken a shower in a while. Also by using “sigh” it gives us a sense that the flight truly took a long time, as sighs are associated with tiresome long situations. I felt by using the word “stench” after talking about people having not showered to describe the tension did more to reinforce the fact that the people had not showered.

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  12. Courtney Ward says:

    The contrast between the loud, stuffy and over crowded plane and the quiet, open and beautiful areas of Poland helps to enhance Leah’s description of the landscspe. The mention of the sigh of amazement shows that this landscape is very different to what Leah had previously experienced and the laugh from the taxi driver shows that this is common for foreigners.

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