The Thoughtful Kiss

A Guest Post by Jamie

This is an extract from a book that I am currently reading called “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory.

“I could feel the warmth of his hand against my hand, but I could not take my eyes from his face.  His moustache curled a little around his lips, I wondered if the hair would be soft, like my husbands dark sparse curls, or wiry like spun gold. It looked as if it might be strong and scratchy, his kiss might buff my face to redness, everyone would know we had been kissing. Beneath the little curls of hair his lips were sensual, I could not take my eyes from them, I could not help but think about the touch of them, the taste of them”

This is a bit of a trashy romance story, the girl is married yet she’s almost ‘fantasizing’ about another man. The tone is very soft, and how she describes his lips to be so sensual, and how much she wants to kiss him, but she never has the time to do so. The way she describes his moustache, wondering if it were the same as her husbands or if the hair would be soft.

What tone is used?  How  does it make you feel, reading this extract?  Is there anything that stands out to you?

22 thoughts on “The Thoughtful Kiss

  1. Leah says:

    It is interesting to note how she compares him to her husband, she says “I wondered if the hair would be soft, like my husbands dark sparse curls”. This emphasises that she is a married woman and that the does look up to her husband or respects him because as human beings we always compare things to something we may think is better. She uses words such as, “scratchy”,”buff my face”‘ “redness” to describe the action of kissing him which would suggest that she knows its wrong as these are very harsh words. Although she knows its wrong she can’t help but wonder what it would be like and want to do it, as we all tend to want what we can’t have.

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  2. Carolyne says:

    The tone is rather dreamy and wishful. It is wishful in the fact that she wanted to be kissed by the person. What stood out the most was “strong and scratchy”. This, even though describes the person’s outward appearance also builds character in that the person was also rather strong and perhaps unkempt or rough. For something to be scratchy it often has a rough and rugged texture.

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  3. Samu says:

    You can see that the woman here dreamily hopes to be with this man creating a tone that is wishful and hopeful that she might just fulfill her longing desires. Her want for him is seen more clearly as she describes his lips as sensual, increasing her desire to, in her words, taste them. Nonetheless, as much as she fantasized, she knew the sinful act of kissing him would get her caught as his strong and scratchy mustache, as described, would buff her face to redness, which could be one of her reasons of her refrainment.

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  4. ashleigh_hugo_22 says:

    This tone is very romantic as this woman is fantasising about the touch of another mans lips yet she is already married. The writer uses such phrases such as “his lips were sensual, i could not take my eyes of them” to create the feeling of lust or passion.

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  5. Dadie says:

    i really enjoyed this, it was very detailed. The genre of this story is romance because the woman decribes how “warm” his hand was and how she did not want to look away from his face.The writer used the word “redness”, this word is used to tell or show the reader that the woman or lady liked the guy, she would blush if the guy kissed her.I like the way she described how his bearded looked like, if it was “scrachy” or “soft”, she wondered if it was soft like her husbands curly dark sparse curls. I noticed that she was describibng him to her husband.

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  6. Brittney says:

    i found this extract quite amusing because this is quite tipical of a trashy romance where the girl who already has a “chosen” husband, but still falls in love or fantasises over another man, and in this extract you can clearly see that because she is comparing this man to her husband and describing how she would love to kiss him and if his hair would be as soft as her husbands. I can see this because she ueses sentences like “i could not take my eyes off his face” and ” i wonder if the hair would be soft, like my husbands dark sparse curls”.

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  7. Alisha says:

    The tone of this passage is romantic, as she wishes/fantisizes over kissing another man. What really stands out to me Is the good descriptive words she uses to discribe his mustache. This passage is very wishful as she wants to kiss another man even tho she is married


  8. Francesca says:

    The tone in this extract is very appropriate for a trashy romance as it is romantic, lustful and desirous. As the audience we can sense the romantic aspect of the extract through the various descriptions that she makes of him. Comparing his mustache hair to ‘spun gold’ and also describing it as ‘strong’ emphasis the possibly misplaced value that he has to her as well as the virility that she can sense in him. This virility also links back to the lustful and desirous tone present and this can be seen through her description of his lips as ‘sensual’ as well as her strong desires to taste them( kiss him). We can sense that this is wishful thinking on her part as although she desires him she compares him to her husband showing that though she is filled with lust she is aware of her duties and loyalties elsewhere.

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  9. Daphine says:

    The tone is quite informal and affectionate. Philippa Gregory uses highly descriptive diction when describing the man. I also noticed how he takes very small detail such as the man’s lips and beard and describes it in so much detail which makes you as the reader imagine a very attractive looking man. The vocab used such as the word sensual gives away the genre. I also think that the extract evokes feelings of affection towards the man being described.

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  10. shannon herbst says:

    There is sense of curiosity as the woman wonders what the mans mustache would feel like and if it would be as soft as her husband’s. The character is obviously attracted to the man and the authors vocabulary shows a sense of desire towards him from the woman as she is staring at his lips describing them as “sensuous” . The fact that they are holding hands also implies that the woman has a great affection towards this man. The fact that she is thinking about her husband even while admiring this man implies that if she is being disloyal she is very conscious of it.

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  11. Precious Munyaka says:

    I feel like the fantasy shes having is what she would want and is cravinging for in real life but probably in the image of her husband quoting from this sentence:“I could feel the warmth of his hand against my hand, but I could not take my eyes from his face”.

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  12. Courtney Ward says:

    She is wistful when she describes the man, she may spent the time went not with him thinking of moreseneripes of the two them. She also mentions her husband alot which might mean that guilt I playing at the edge of her mind and Iis caucausing her to think of him while she is with this other man. The similarities between her husband and the other man way be their hair since she compairs them so much, if theyir hair is similar in texture as well as looks.

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