Soft Sand.

Guest post by Ruva C

“I walked on the beach with the sun setting behind me. My feet got swallowed up by the soft sand under them, and my hair got blown about by the wind. I took a deep breath in, to smell the fresh salty air. Aaahhhh! The fresh breeze was divine.”

How would you say the words have been put together? Do you think that may be it is very realistic, and that you could imagine yourself in that scenario?


23 thoughts on “Soft Sand.

  1. Brittney says:

    i think the words have been put together in such a way that they create an image of a beach and they also help descibe what was happening and being felt e.g. ” my hair got caught in the wind” , ” my feet got swallowed up by the soft sand under them” and “to smell the frech salty air”

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  2. Samu says:

    I can definately see myself in such a position with my “long” hair being swept in up in the wind as I walk into the horizon. The choice of vocabulary really allows you to do so, so imagery is formed. I wouldn’t think it’s realistic as the scenario created in this passage is often used in summer romance stories which is kind of cliché when you think about it.

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  3. Carolyne says:

    Personification is used with the word “swallowed” which makes the reader imagine the literal action of swallowing. this along with using the sound “Aaahhhh” which makes the reader hear what was happening, makes the reader experience exactly what was going on on the beach.

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  4. ashleigh_hugo_22 says:

    Alot of iimagery has been used in this short passage to help create the feeling of you being on the beach. The writer also uses some personification for erxample when she says ; “Aaahhhh” automatically you imagine someone making that sound.

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  5. Daphine says:

    Yes, I do find it realistic and certainly do see myself in such a scenario. The words all seem to be painting a picture of a very tranquil environment. It almost seems like a utopian scenario where everything is perfect and people are happy.

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  6. CreslinKaltan says:

    I feel that the way the words have been placed create a rather romantic and ethereal scene at a beach, where we get an image of the light of the sun fading into darkness being reflected off the sea. I can imagine myself there, though maybe in not such an ethereal setting.

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  7. Leah says:

    It creates the impression of a very peaceful beach. However, it doesn’t mention any negatives suggesting that it is a very good moment. Pathetic fallacy is used to express her mood. The weather is very calm and so is she walking along the beach. It realistically describes the environment and evening atmosphere with the breeze coming off of the sea.

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  8. Ikhanyisile says:

    i think the short passage was put in a creative way which makes you feel and imagine yourself in the beach having your feet getting swallowed by the soft sand, and the hair being blown by the wind. the choice of vocabulary is really strong leaving you in suspense, and wanting to hear more.

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  9. lkhanyisile sibanda says:

    I think the words are put in a way that you would definitely imagine myself in the scenario and experiencing all the things that were said.Also the strong vocabulary such as “my feet got swallowed up by the soft sand” and my hair got blown up the wind” makes it look and sound very realistic.

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  10. Jamie says:

    It is definitely realistic, as when you go to the beach you do in fact experience these things, and i could find myself in this scenario.The use of personification is used to make the reader feel and imagine the girls feet being “swallowed” by the sand. The words have been put together in such a way that it creates a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, it also shows what is being felt by the girl.

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