Guest post by Ashleigh

The featured image is from a book I’m reading called Just Best Friends. What language has the writer used that helps describe the weather and the two girls?  What genre and tone has the writer used?

6 thoughts on “BFFs

  1. Samu says:

    The use of the descriptive language such as the ‘scorching sun’ or ‘immense heat and thick air’ elaborate more on the hot weather conditions. The imagined heat level must have intensified as it is written that the children found comfort from the cool concrete. The genre could be adventure as it could go further on into the future as to what adventurous activities the two would do together in the golden land of California. The tone is quite light-hearted, a tad humorous which is expressed when Arielle would often whack Kylie with her ponytail.

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  2. Jamie says:

    it is very descriptive as it talk about “thick air, dehydrating the chartreuse greenery” it shows that the surroundings were a yellowish green colour, means that the fields were rich with nutrients after a rain shower. The “scorching sun” shows that if you were to step outside you would immediately turn bright red because it was so hot. The “dainty shoulders” of the girls show how small they were and fragile as they are still young and still developing. “cool concrete” shows that no matter how hot the day was, the girls were still able not keep themselves cool by sitting on the concrete floor. The genre could be a story book read to young children/teenagers as they begin to learn about descriptive story writing and the ton his very soft, and jocular when referring to Kylie’s pigtails whacking Arielle in the face a number of times.


  3. Leah says:

    It seems to be very hot as the suns rays are described as ‘scorching’ and ‘vibrant’, this gives the impression that it is a very clear day and the sun is generously spreading its rays across this particular area. These rays of the sun are vicious and are roasting the land and ‘dehydrating the grass’. This king of creates the image that the day isn’t pleasantly warm but more like a soldering heat. The sand on the beaches is unable to absorb this heat so instead it reflects it creating ‘thick air’, this gives the impression that the air is so hot it feels hard to breathe in and heavy to walk through as if it is weighing down life. However, the girls are described as being lively which is a contrast to the weather. They are sitting on the ‘cool concrete’ which is also a contrast to the hot land. The two girls are described as ‘energetic’, which shows that despite the sweltering heat they are still able to be bubbly and happy.


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