Guest post by Ruva M

Life was never the same again. 256 days have gone by and still not a single sight of human form. Derck was all alone, roaming the streets of Harare, even actually going down into Mbare. Life was getting harder. He had started speaking to himself. Before this whole incident, he had never imagined it would happen.

“Yes, I like being alone, but not like this!” He thought to himself.

All day he would drive around in his latest stolen car and take all that he ever wanted, whenever he wanted. Yes, life was never the same again; eating was hard and even taking pictures for Instagram (and, dare I say it, Snap Stories) was even sadder

Until a shiny figure surprised him.
As it came closer, Derck dropped his Nokia and gasped in disbelief…

What do you think of the genre and form? 

10 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Jamie says:

    The genre could be comedy by the phrase “and, dare I say it, Snap Stories”. It shows a more modern world living and a teenagers life, as most teenagers are always on technology and especially snapchat to capture memorable or embarrassing moments of their friends. “Started speaking to himself” also could show that only people that are weird of as a fact, really intelligent, to people talk to themselves and it could mean that Derck had no one talk to, maybe because he is a thief shown by the phrase “All day he would drive around in his latest stolen car”. The form is almost ‘dramatic’ as shown by the phrase “Derck dropped his Nokia and gasped in disbelief…” as Nokia’s are hardly used by people even though they are stronger than most phones (the older models) it is still mentioned like reck was not worried about his phone as the figure came closer, he was more interested in what the figure was.


  2. Brittney says:

    The tone seems sad as the writer talks about how hard life now is for Derck, but the writer throws in some humor to lighten the mood by saying things like “and i dare say it , Snap Stories” and “driving around in his latest stolen car”


  3. Precious Munyaka says:

    I feel like Derck had wished to be alone in the beggining and now he was alone but he was now regretting it…..though i found the snap phrase funny


  4. Carolyne says:

    This dystopian piece could be from a mystery novel. This piece of writing is credited as dystopian as it hints at a time where there seems to be only one surviving human. The writer uses short sentences which do not divulge into details thus leaving the reader constantly trying to figure out what had happened. The first sentence is especially captivating, as is characteristic of the opening of a novel. It compels the reader to read further. The use of ellipses at the end cements the idea of this being from the opening of a mystery novel as on is force to read more so as to discover what happens next.

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  5. ashleigh.22. says:

    this gives off the feeling of being in a dystopian world nut the wrtiter also gives this a humerous tone by saying such phrases as “and i dare say it , Snap Stories” and “driving around in his latest stolen car”. The writer uses short and to the point sentences that help captivate the reader. The writer gives off the feeling that he does not want to be alone but in some way has created that loneliness himself by being a thief.


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