“…a brave, frivolous hat…”

Guest Post by Precious

From Lovers, by Judith Krantz

“It was a deep-crowned late-Edwardian hat made from a beautifully faded floral linen. The hatband was a double width of heavy crimson taffeta, trimmed in front with two red cherries, a large red velvet rose, and several appliquéd green velvet leaves. The wide brim was pulled up at the front and anchored to the band by the rose.

This was a hat that a girl had worn when she’d seen her fiancé off to the Great War, Gigi thought, a brave, frivolous hat that had made her face bright. She knew that the fiancé had come back from the war, otherwise why had the hat’s owner kept it so carefully stuffed and wrapped with tissue, in the box bearing the name of a London Milliner that Gigi had discovered as she searched for antique lingerie? Until today, Gigi had kept the hat on a stand as a decoration for her bedroom, but now it transformed the severity of her costume with an aura of missing charm. She adjusted it carefully. The eighty year old hat felt as right as everything else she had on felt foreign and constricting…

What do you think of the descriptions? Who are the characters and how are they characterised?

3 thoughts on ““…a brave, frivolous hat…”

  1. Precious Munyaka says:

    The descriptions make you have a clear picture of the hat looked like. It also tells us that Gigi had kept that hat for that special day when her Fiance comes back from the war and she had prepared an outfit to wear the hat with. She also made sure that during the time she had kept it nothing must happen to it and by saying that she stuffed it and wrapped with tissue and stored in a box with her name labelled on it. Now it stands as a decoraction in her room……….


  2. Carolyne says:

    The description of the hat is detailed making the hat seem very intricately designed. Also the description is very objective and does not betray any feelings of the author. The characters are Gigi and the former owner of the hat. From the elaborate design and detail on the hat, the owner could be said to have been very keen on detail and perhaps quite wealthy as material used to make the hat were of high quality. The hat’s good condition reveals its owner to be a very neat person. Gigi is a person who is trying hard to please her partner as she is dressed in an attire that does not depict who she is. She also has a knack for vintage things.

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  3. Mandz_2.0 says:

    The paragraph describes the hat as one of immense beauty. “It was a deep-crowned’ makes you think of royalty and this makes the hat seem royal like. The crimson taffeta brings in the colour of blood. It gives the picture of a deep coloured red on the hat. the hat shows the owner would have been very wealthy anf of high nobility. The large red velvet rose shows that the hat also stands as a symbol of love to the owner. The paragraph shows how Gigi was love with her soldier.


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