Welcome back!

Welcome back to school! Winter is afoot and exams are looming1 I hope you are all ready to slay the dragon of AS Language together!

As I said in class today, the blog stakes are higher than ever. From now on, you will have to grade everyone’s post out of 10, but only comment/engage critically with a post 10 times throughout the term. Your overall blog grade will be out of 20 and it will go towards your final grade. There will be prize for whoever gets the highest blog mark in total. The lowest will get that nun with the bell from Game of Thrones.

Here is the blog schedule! I look forward to reading your thoughts and engagements.

Ms. Roberts

1 Berger, Leah 12th May
2 Chakawa, Daphine 17th May
3 Chanimbira, Ruvarashe 19th May
4 Chege, Carolyne 19th May
5 Collin, Jamie 24th May
6 Gardiner, Alisha 26th May
7 Gomiwa, Dadirai 26th May
8 Gumbo, Mandisa 31st May
9 Herbst, Shannon 2nd June
10 Hugo, Ashleigh 2nd June
11 Machache, Ruvarashe 7th June
12 Marclay, Francesca 9th June
13 Moyo, Camilla 9th June
14 Munyaka, Precious 21st June
15 Ncube, Lubelihle 28th June
16 Ndlovu, Silindubuhle 28th June
17 Parekh, Bindia 30th June
18 Sibanda, Ikhanyisile 19th July
19 Sim, Michaela 21st July
22 Van der Walt, Britney 26th July
23 Vellah, Samkelo 26th July
20 Ward, Courtney 2nd August
21 Zondo, Sijabulisiwe 4th August

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