Everybody Talks.

Hello Class!

I hope your second week has started with a bang, a bang loud enough to disrupt the tedium of Mondays. I hope that, henceforth, Mondays will not be as inherently stressful as Alisha explained them to be.

So, in class today you were given the task (to complete for homework) of making a list of words to replace “said”, words to replace “saw” and words to describe someone’s voice. I hope that this will be a nice way to start thinking about this week’s lesson content, which deals with “Point of View”.

I want you to think of all these words for “said” and “saw” and, in the comments below, write a piece of gossip.
For example, “Precious attested that she observed Jamie at her part time job as a party clown.”

I’m looking forward to what you come up with!

See you tomorrow!

Ms Roberts

8 thoughts on “Everybody Talks.

  1. Francesca says:

    My, my, my, Ms Roberts. You will never guess what l heard.
    I heard from Courtney, who heard from Ashley,who heard from Shannon, who heard from Leah that Ceeja was caught gawking at John Smith, can you believe it? She was gossiping with Jamie when they caught sight of John, who as usual was voicing his ridiculous views on the American Independance.
    While he was narrating his tall tale of heroism to his crowd of simpletons that simply gape at him as if he were Apollo made man, Ceeja took that opportunity to inspect him a little closer.
    I do understand why the poor girl would want to take a closer peek for not even l can deny that he quite the sight to behold.
    But the scandal is to get caught. When John finally took note of her presence within his gaggle of admirers, he immediately deemed it necessary to proclaim to the entire park that she! A member of the elite was a fan. Can you imagine the shame?
    The poor girl could barely utter a word under the elders heated glares.
    But you never heard this from me, you know how l hate to gossip.

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  2. Carolyne says:

    Did you hear? I could not believe my eyes. In the cabin, in the woods, past the pine trees you would never guess who I saw. Carolyne. The Carolyne Chege. She had a pen in her hand and my that pen was moving. Beside her was a stack. A stack of papers that I’m sure was Mt. Everest’s twin. A trail of smoke was left after she moved to the next line. From the outside she looked as though she had in fact smoked an entire 10 packets of cigarettes. Maybe she had, who knows?

    Curiosity incinerating her common sense, she barged in sure she would have the story of the century when she got back to school. And that’s when she realized the story was more than what she saw. She had assumed Carolyne was doing homework or duplicating Mark Schemes. You know Carolyne and the way she is. Yet, instead there were bodies that carpeted the floor. Bodies of all her competitors or were they the enemies?.
    Without looking up, Carolyne whispered, “These are alibis.”
    And with that her breath ran out. You have to tell them miss Roberts that I, Darsey Parkman, found the tale of the century.

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  3. creslinkaltan says:

    You will never believe what I heard today. Mind you I’m not quite sure I do myself. I heard from Megan who heard it from Carlo who swears he heard it from Lucas who insists he saw it happen. I heard that Chelsea and AC had a fight over the planetary status of Pluto. With AC valiantly defending its status as a planet of our solar system, and Chelsea declaring that it wasn’t. That it was too minute to be a planet and that they were right to say so.
    These two boys started a brawl in Tin cup over the status of Pluto, a decision that was made long ago for them. Honestly though who gets into a fight over that. Anyway, these two managed to get the whole bar involved. I heard that AC came out on top of Chelsea with a black eye and bloody nose to tell of the tale. But those who backed Chelsea were greater in number and crushed little AC’s support group. But Chelsea didn’t get away lightly, see he ended up having to go to the hospital cause though AC may be scrawny he packs quite a punch. Dynamite comes in small packages so they say.

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  4. ashleigh.22. says:

    i recall hearing a piece of gossip for the one and only gossip queen of Lower 6… apparently courtney recalled hearing taylor chatting to Franky about someone called Stephinie whom has been spreading rumors around about other people, but nobody knows who. Taylor recalls hearing the name Patrick mentioned in a seperate conversation but she could not hear it over her teachers raspy and booming voice inside the classroom. Courtney tells me the tale of these rumors has been sperad around the school and liitle whispers of this can be heard from others conversations, hungry to find out the truth. this scandle was soon ended when stephanie was caught red handed in the middle of chatting to a bunch of first years and busted with screenshots of all her lies that have now caught up with her.

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