“Unexpected Wisdom”

Guest Post by Jamie
Featured Image is by E.H. Shephard

After spending a great amount of time with my little cousin, she read me her favorite Winnie the Pooh poem by Elizabeth Ygartua.

First you take one plush yellow bear
Slip him in a snug red shirt
Fill his head with unexpected wisdom
Give him a heart that is loyal and true
And an insatiable appetite for honey
Now hug him tight around the waist
Or drag him by the arm
Take him everywhere you go
And share with him all that you know
Even if he doesn’t understand
He’ll still teach you
That what really matters
Cannot be learned in books
On the train, in the library, or in school
What really matters can be learned from
Friends, adventures, and imagination
So take the time to do “Nothing”
And your reward will be
Greater than any that this world can give
Your reward is the love of a friend

Which phrases stand out the most to you? Also what have you learnt from the poem?


8 thoughts on ““Unexpected Wisdom”

  1. Brittney says:

    What I’ve learnt from the poem is that even if people don’t understand you or get you and they can still find a way to help you and teach you and that the things that really matter in life can not be learnt from reading a book or going to school, they are learnt from going out and experiencing them for yourself . And they phrase that sticks out the most to me is ” take the time to do morning , and your reward will be greater than any this world can give” I like this because it’s basically saying you don’t need to do something extravagant to be rewarded , all you have to do is something simple and your reward will be great .

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  2. Mandz_2.0 says:

    The lesson that I have learnt in the poem is that a friend can be taught anything no matter what the circumstances are. ‘Give him a heart that is loyal and true’ This gives an impression of a loyal friend who dosetn judge you and will always be there and also be loyal to you no matter what happens.’He’ll still teach you, That what really matters,Cannot be learned in books, On the train, in the library, or in school’. This phrase teaches a person that some important lessons cannot be learnt at school or libarary but from a friend at home. It dosent matter whether they did not learn the leason at school but as long as it is very valuable and important. What really matters in life is having a loyal friend that you can count on or rely on and one that will not leave you in life.


  3. ashleigh.22. says:

    this is showing us that it is the small thing in life that matter and that you dont have to be the best or the brightest to do big things in the world and you will be rewarded for those small actions you do everyday. this also teaches us that people who dont know you or you dont know can always help you in a way. This also shows us that our loyal and true friends are very valuable and dont judge you. This poem can teach both young and old some very valuable life lessons even though it was only written for the young generation e.g. 1 – 10 years old.


  4. Elysian words says:

    What I learnt from the poem is that you don’t have to be book smart to be life smart. You learn from your experiences and from other peoples experiences. If you take the time to listen to what others have to say it is beneficial to them and to you. Even though you might not necessarily understand them your ability to listen is helpful all the same. It depicts that the most valuable things you can learn in life are not the things you learn from books but rather what you learn from everyday things and other human beings. The phrase that I thought depicted this in the strongest way was ‘Even if he doesn’t understand/He’ll still teach you/That what really matters/Cannot be learned in books’

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  5. Leah says:

    This shows that you don’t have to be book smart to be life smart. It depicts that you learn more valuable things though your experiences and the experiences of other people than you do through text book knowledge. Listening to someone when then need to talk is as helpful to you as it is to then as even though you may not understand their problem it is still an enlightening experience for both party’s. It shows that more can be learnt about life through daily experiences than through books and that this can actually make you wiser. I think the phrase which best depicts this is where it says “Even if he doesn’t understand/He’ll still teach you/That what really matters/Cannot be learned in books”


  6. Courtney Ward says:

    The phrase that stands out the most is “share with him everything you know even if he doesn’t understand he’ll still teach you” because it shows that by talking to an inanimate object that can’t be negative or reply at all we can be completely honest and through this honesty we can learn from what we already know.


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