Slapping Waiters.


Hi class!

So, this week we’re going to be focusing on how to write reviews. We were supposed to look at a few online in our lesson today, but technology failed us. If you would like to, you can go watch our intro video here:

We also were supposed to look at a few ridiculous ones from Amazon, a site that is famous for people’s sarcastic reviews. You can read some here:

All these were meant as an amusing segue into the real substance of review writing. We’re going to be talking a lot about the formal aspects of reviews. But as we go through the week, I want us to think about what would constitute a really useful review. And what would constitute a very entertaining review. In the comments below, can you tell me what you would find useful in a review, say, of a product you were thinking of buying or of a hotel you were thinking of visiting?

See you all tomorrow!


Ms Roberts


One thought on “Slapping Waiters.

  1. ashleigh.22. says:

    apple peelers.
    who would have thought you could actually find something like this an actual apple slicer, do you know how much time this has saved me it is so worth the $20 i spent on it. even my husband love it as i got a loud review from him that “now that you have bought it we must use it” and i have as much as possible. this has simply cost me 1 minute every day standing by the bin peeling my apple and cling wrapping it so it doesnt go brown before work instaed of just chucking one in my bag on my way out. simply useless i say.

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