Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Hi all!

I hope that your week is off to a fantastic start and the perpetual lethargy that plagues you is gradually wearing off 😉

This week we’re going to be focusing on something we touched on last term: persuasive writing. As we will see, this takes a few different forms and we will be discussing the different ways in which you could potentially be examined. For now, I want you all to think about how you go about persuading someone about something? For instance, how would you persuade your parents to increase your pocket money, or buy you a new phone? Or how would you persuade the School to have free wifi for the students? For boarders, how would you persuade Servcor that we should have hot chocolate with marshmallows at break? What tactics would you employ? What kind of tone would be appropriate in order to succeed?

Let me know in the comments below?

Good luck for those of you who are writing tomorrow! See the rest of you in class.

Ms Roberts


9 thoughts on “Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

  1. Hydrolyne says:

    I would would say the tone would depend on the person or persons one is trying to persuade. For instance, persuading my parents with whom I have a personal relationship, a more friendly and conversational tone would be used. Whereas, if I were persuading Mrs Ross on providing Wi-Fi for borders, I would use a more formal and educated tone would be used.

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  2. ashleigh.22. says:

    i would use a very convincing tone to help convey my argument. with my paents i would use a informal tone and a conservational tone where if i was convincing Servcor for hot chocolate and marshmallows i would use a formal tone as it someone i dont know on a personal level.

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  3. Creslinkaltan says:

    For trying to convince my parent t increase my pocket money I would us a conversational tone that borders a formal tone, as well as comparisons to other people and their pocket money allowance and if they get $20 a week why not increase mine by at least $2 a week. Or I could say that now I’m driving I need the money for fuel and incase the police wont leave me alone.
    For convincing Mrs Ross to let the school have free Wi-Fi I would use a formal tone. Aswell as comparison to other schools and projections on the amount of student who would want to come to GC would rise exponentially and that our pass rates would improve from 86% to 98% if we could research topics our in class or get the site our teacher was referencing comparisons to other schools and fact and figures.
    To convince Servcor to give borders hot chocolate for break I would again use a formal tone, fact and figures and comparisons to other schools. I would also use sympathy.

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  4. Precious Munyaka says:

    When it comes to trying to convince my parents to buy me a new phone and increase my pocket money…..i would first do my best at school and tell them how my grades have improved and how i do some of the house chores without them having to tell me to do them. For the Wifi I would write a letter in a formal way and compare our school with other schools and give other alternatives to avoid them saying there is no money

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  5. Leah says:

    I would use a number of skills to be persuasive about these things. For instance for hot chocolate at break I would use pity and comparison. I would create a scene where the borders are pitiable as it id cold and their food is very bland maybe, then i would say that other school have hot chocolate for their borders at break times. The same techniques can be used when persuading your parents to get you a phone.


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