Disaster Brunch

Guest Post by Dadirai

Review: on my visit to Brooks

I will have you know that I visited Brooks two days ago with a friend of mine.  It’s a very beautiful place to visit and socialise with friends and family. I recommend you try out this place.

I occasionally visit Brooks as I’m a known customer. Brooks allows me to select dishes off the menu. S,adly that day the did not have avocados, my favourite. I found that hard to believe because it’s currently avocado season.  They are situated between ‘Food Lovers Market’ and ‘Pick and Pay’ and they somehow couldn’t drive for five minutes to purchase more avocados?  Anyways, I ordered a bowl of chips and my friend ordered a salad dish for breakfast.  Whilst we patiently waited for our food, I ordered tea. The waiter rushed to the table with scorching hot tea. He hit the corner of the table and lost balance with the tray. The tea spilt on my lap!  ‘OHH MY’ that tea was BOILING.  I jumped up from the table! The table was quite heavy, so I slammed right back down like an elastic band.  I no longer cared about the burning tea on my lap; the pain faded when I hit against the solid wooden table.

The waiter was worried during the experience, which caused me to make a bit of noise.  That was very embarrassing! I grabbed the menu and used it to fan my burning thigh. I asked for fresh orange juice as this was offered on the menu.  The waiter responded and said ” It’s frozen, madam”
My eyes began to water.
“Frozen?” I said .
I was going to use that juice to soothe my burning lap, but my friend refused.

Ten minutes later, our food arrived. We ate hungrily and finished within ten minutes. We literary ate like dogs.  The bill arrived.  My eyes scanned the bill.
I gasped as my eyes fell upon the figure: $60.25?!
I immediately complained because what we ordered couldn’t possibly reach that amount:  one full coffee for my friend, and one half coffee on my lap for me.  The Waiter had added the bill for the neighbouring table, which had eight empty expresso mugs and five huge plates, loaded with so many bones that couldn’t tell what the dish was.

Eventually the waiter came to his senses.  We paid
But, before we left we loudly talked about how we are not going to visit Brooks again.


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