Remember me?

Hi Class!

As you probably know, afternoon classes have been cancelled this week because of the BA exams. So I’m just going to let you know what we would have done this week and you can complete the work on your own. I will be giving Mrs Stewart a past paper for you to do. I’ll take it in after Half Term. Please complete both A and B. The AC girls: please can you come collect the paper from Tuesday.

The past paper deals with one of the genres that is the theme for this week: Autobiography, Biography and Memoir. I’ve made a little slideshow that will help you define the characteristics of this genre: Autobiography Slideshow
When you go through it, try to think of examples for each one. Please copy the notes from the slides into your notebooks!

(Sidebar: Mrs Rundle wants to see your notebooks soon. So make sure that they’re up to date, neat and tidy, covered with paper and plastic and legible. As a little incentive, I will be awarding a prize to whomever has the best notebook. Spoiler: The prize has my super famous white chocolate icing on it.)

Good Luck for your exams, girls!


Miss Roberts


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